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Trivision Billboards

Trivision billboard is a customer oriented product. Based on the philosophy of market segmentation,it survives in the competitive market because of differentiation.

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Media showing way

1、Various Designs of Light Box.
2. Various Manifestations of Light box.
3. Can be Customized as per Client’s Request.

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Large pole ad billboard

This single pole light box insists quality-oriented principle, developing with the demands of users and finding its position in the market precisely.

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  • LED Display
  • Traffic media lightbox
  • Community media lightbox
  • Supermarket media
Banner lightbox for High-speed train station

Banner lightbox for High-speed train station

1. Use LED side light which is light-even, power-saving, pro-environment.
2. Use guide rail to install the poster, which is easy to maintain.

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Tri-vision Billboard

Trivision billboard is usually have a view for “ third of products, seven installation”, but in fact, this view is wrong.

Light Box Services

As customer requirement, design a lot of modelling products, to meet the spread requirements of today's commercials.

LARGE Pole Ad Billboard

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Customer management system

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