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At present, the specifications of each factory on the domestic market for the trivision product industry standards are inconsistent, and the combined accessories are different. As a result of a lot of manufacturers regardless of product quality, to shoddy, low price competition, which makes it difficult for many trivision companies to survive. In the process of competition, there will inevitably be some loss or profit from some trivision companies. In view of the current situation, SPACE tells customers about the current market situation of trivision and the technical advantages of the FIRST trivision billboard.

The construction of trivision billboards, on the one hand, is to make full use of the city's golden location to maximize the conversion of commercial value, on the other hand, it can meet the visual enjoyment of passing vehicles and passing people, but if the product quality problems of trivision billboards are ignored, such as misaligned prisms, disordered posters, or can not work properly, and even cases where the prisms fall and hurt people and the car often occurs, which eventually led to users bearing the risk of after-sales, and the product was also complained by advertisers, advertising media companies are even have difficulty recovering advertising revenue.

In view of the above situations, it is imminent to improve the stability and working life of the trivision billboard. Choosing a trustworthy trivision manufacturer is the most concerned topic for customers. After years of brand marketing, FIRST trivision has won the recognition of most users and achieved good sales results in the past few years. If you are still thinking about choosing a good trivision equipment, you can try the FIRST trivision, its biggest advantage is that it will let you have no worries.

The F3V-136 model of FIRST trivision has unique design, beautiful appearance and delicate structure. The product has advanced structure, high reliability, smooth operation of the upper and lower shafts, low noise, high sealing degree of the frame, ensuring waterproof and anti-dust, environmental friendly, no pollution, wear-resistant, easy installation, convenient transportation, etc.. However, in the process of using trivision, correct installation and reasonable operation are the keys to ensuring the normal operation of the trivision billboard. During installation, the equipment is installed in strict accordance with the installation drawing, and the remote intelligent control system is used to ensure that it can be manipulated at any time in outdoor altitude, In the bad weather, take stopping working protection. SPACE provides both worry-free products and worry-free services, and provides a five-year service to ensure stable operation of billboard and system at all times.

FIRST trivision products have multiple safety protection functions such as precise processing detection, power phase loss protection, power reverse phase protection, motor overload protection, motor overheating protection, antifreeze protection, etc.. Our trivision adopts Japanese original Panasonic motors, high-end products, stable and reliable, intelligent control, patented design, convenient assembly, each part is safe and reliable, and the sealing performance is better. At the same time, the remote control system is displayed in the form of a mobile APP, which give you a more convenient and smart experience.

In the future, FIRST trivision will return to customers at a more favorable price, and will continue to create greater value for the world's top advertisers, create value for customers wholeheartedly, and serve customers with due diligence. With the firm belief ofintegrity and sincerity, creating wealth together", the SPACE strive to promote the advancing wheel of advertising equipmentcreated in China" and become an excellent indoor and outdoor media enterprise worthy of customer trust!

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