Common knowledge of making commercial light box, d


What do we need to pay attention to when buying commercial light boxes? Here I will share with you a professional perspective on how to buy high-quality commercial light boxes to help you more easily choose the most suitable commercial light box.


1. Application

Light box production must understand where the light box is installed, because the materials used indoor and outdoor are different, and the effects achieved are also different. The most important thing is that the cost of outdoor is generally higher than indoor.

2. Performance

We know that different commercial light boxes have different performance, one-sided light boxes, double-sided light boxes, ultra-thin light boxes, catering light boxes, plastic light boxes, vertical light boxes, fabric light boxes, identification light boxes, etc.. Therefore the customers should choose the most suitable commercial light box according to their actual needs.

3. Appearance Design

The third step depends on the appearance design of commercial light box. It is difficult to achieve a good effect on publicity if the appearance design is not good. When choosing the commercial light box, the position should be placed according to the need, so that it can be coordinated with the surrounding environment, so as to attract customers' attention and achieve the ultimate goal of advertising.


4.Size of Light Box

SPACE is a manufacturer specializing in the customized sales of light boxes. It can customize commercial light boxes of different sizes according to the needs of different customers. Therefore, when customers buy commercial light boxes, it is best to measure the size of the advertising light boxes they need before making a choice.

5.Choose a Strong Manufacturer of Commercial Light Boxes

SPACE is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. With the goal of creating an excellent brand of high-end advertising media equipment in the world, with the purpose of letting customers save worry, trouble and money, it is committed to serving domestic and foreign advertising media, provided superior products of Made-in-China for domestic and foreign advertising media companies, and strove to build a one-stop procurement platform for domestic and foreign excellent advertising media equipment. As a company highly praised by customers in the advertising light box market, SPACE will give you better products and services.

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