Team building---“School.Family. Happy”

“School.Family.Happy” is SPACE pursuit of the policy, and philosophy from the ancient humanistic philosophy of "live", emphasis on the concept of "home". Definition of enterprise: Businesses to pursue win-win situation, the employees when "home" to call the shots and learn a good place for entertainment! The purpose of the work is to enjoy life, to live a better life.

SPACE has management, and cultural and technological innovation to attract a number of enterprises from job to career to the cause of the master. To help employees think about the difference between success and failure: the heart is willing to do and do not want to do, work hard and meet to do, has not learned to do after the summary and do the professional to do and dedicated to do,work as a career to do it and do work as a career. “Attitude determines success or failure”.

Team culture: Attractive development, to cause to unite people, people driven innovation, and performance incentives.

Employee Commitment: Provide maximum space for development, and enhance the best benefits.

Principles of communication: Communication to achieve cooperation, communication for tacit.

Charging principle: Knowledge to change the fate,learning achievements in the future.


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